MH Hotel Saudi arabia

MH Hotel

Saudi Arabia

Dalia Gaber designs are characterized with the unique mix of simplicity, practicality and luxury. What differentiate us is the diversity and creativity of our designs. We apply different art styles including modern and classic. We also never forget to add a touch of Egyptian and oriental legacy including Bedouin, pharaonic, and Islamic styles in a modern pattern.
For us, every design is a journey that begins by identifying the very special features of each customer personality and the nature of his/her profession. We work to make our customers’ homes a place of joy for them. From our experience, we know how the selection of colors and distribution of areas affects the physiological status of people, we do care about creating a design that provide beauty and conform at the same time. The right home design is able to reduce the conflicts and make life happier.
We create designs packed with love and care. However, we also care about practical designs that last during time.
Reality is what we design. We implement our designs so that each feature of our design is turned in reality.
Our design is a pre-picture of what our customer will have in the reality.
We @Dalia Gaber Dezigncenter company care about every single details (furniture, accessories, fabrics,…)
Design and implementation and furniture , accessories , fabrics ,BY
Dalia Gaber designs Dezigncenter company

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